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AVCP uses neural network-like deep learning to create international-level biometric algorithms. AVCP can ensure information security and personal data protection by relying on the local research team with international standards for self reliant development and key technology mastery. At the same time, we also innovate through customers' feedbacks to ensure that the application of security standards and AI facial recognition technology have the highest accuracy.

Facial recognition technology with high recognition rate developed 100% by Taiwan AI professional team

AVCP is a high-precision facial recognition engine researched and developed 100% by the Taiwan AI expert team. It uses an algorithm similar to neural network deep learning and achieves an accuracy of 99.53% in the international facial recognition database. It helps to facilitate software developer partners in providing solutions to facial recognition and detection application in various fields.





Lightweight AI recognition engine quickly implements enterprise AIoT applications

AVCP supports offline use. The recognition is not affected and works as usual even in an environment without network or with an unstable network. It has accurate recognition, rapid detection, and real-time monitoring which master all the important details and actualize the era of face screening in the smart industry.





The best tool and AI solutions for software partners to assist in software development and usage

AVCP provides the Websocket API standard to connect with various types of application development environments. From corporate access control and attendance, monitoring and security, frequent customer system to open field, it can quickly connect and seamlessly import smart solutions that require facial recognition.





Optimization in edge computing and server performance

AVCP can be effectively configured to optimize the operations for different hardware, such as high-end processors and graphics acceleration card servers, workstations, or edge computing devices with lightweight processors. Additionally allows flexible resource allocation and improves CPU / GPU / FPGA multiple parallel operation performance, identification speed, etc.





Supports multi-platform algorithms and unlimited platform compatibility

AVCP supports Windows, Linux, Android, and other operating systems, which is beneficial for software partners of various platforms such as digital signage, Kiosk, access control management, security monitoring, etc., to use these smart digital solutions.






Supports multiple logical inference engines

To accelerate the calculation speed of deep learning algorithms, AVCP supports multiple logical inference engines, such as OpenVINO ™, TensorRT, TensorFlow, CoreML, etc. At the same time, it accelerates performance under GPU hardware such as Intel® Movidius ™ and NVIDIA®CUDA ™. Further, it optimizes the performance for AIoT edge computing such as Jetson ™ and ARM.






Multiple algorithm technology and various industrial application support

Provide multiple algorithms for applications such as corporate access control, monitoring, and security to meet different project needs. In addition to basic gender and age, facial recognition can also be identified by emotions including positive (excited, satisfied, surprised), neutral (usual) and negative (angry, sad, disgusted ...). It is convenient for retail brand owners to acquire regular customers and to conduct marketing data analysis. Public safety surveillance needs to gather image sources of various parties and quickly identify the analysis target. In addition, it is also integrated with 3D depth of field, 2D camera, and external line detection to prevent forgery and to anticipate people from using the portrait video or face photo to crack the identification system.






Integrated with Smart Vision's core ConnectUX platform, device management is now complete

AVCP has integrated the ConnectUX platform to provide application solutions in different application fields, such as biological access control, visitors and blacklists, security monitoring, check-in systems, smart retail solutions. It is as well can be equipped with digital signage and instant messaging to efficiently manage the site.






Applicable industry

Member program application: retail brand regulars/blacklists, membership-based fitness center sign-in system, student registration system
Computer room security monitoring: generator room, access control for security control area, financial warehouse, database system
Factory access control: factory entrance
Corporate access control and attendance: corporate access control, employee punch in or out
Financial security protection: anti-counterfeiting smart financial
Smart community security: community building access control




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