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AVCP AI Facial Recognition Engine

AVCP uses neural network-like deep learning to create international-level biometric algorithms. AVCP can ensure information security and personal data protection by relying on the local research team with international standards for self reliant development and key technology mastery. At the same time, we also innovate through customers' feedbacks to ensure that the application of security standards and AI facial recognition technology have the highest accuracy.

AVCP AI Facial Recognition Engine

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Facial recognition technology with high recognition rate developed 100% by Taiwan AI professional team. Provide age, gender, mood, anti-false face, and mask wearing modules, flexible adjustment and use, without occupying hardware resources. Free Experience of AVCP support Windows 64 bit. If you are interesting , we will offer you the account dat can start 30 days for free. Please fill the blanks bellow and we will contact you more information.

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