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AOpen Smart Vision was established in 2019. Together with its parent company, AOpen inc., they belong to the Acer Group. The parent company AOpen inc. focuses on the development and manufacturing of digital playback engines/digital signage for many years, with a global, professional presence in the brand AOPEN. In order to meet the needs of system developers in different markets under different industrial environments and applications, Smart Vision requires an open, integrated, and standard central platform that can quickly and accurately integrate different applications and data exchange in order to perform AI landing applications. For this reason, Smart Vision developed its ConnectUX platform. In this integrated application with which system developers can use the Open API and standardized connection protocols. AOpen, Acer, and third-party partners work together to build applications needed for services in different industries.

Smart Vision's exclusive platform, ConnectUX, provides integrated software and hardware applications in various fields such as facial recognition applications, temperature/alcohol sensing, retail in-store marketing, precision marketing, smart devices, enterprise access control, smart factories, and other enterprise transformations or the construction of AIoT. Through ConnectUX integrated management, it can effectively and accurately integrate applications and services in various industries, providing flexible facial recognition engine for software and hardware developers or system integrators. AOpen Smart Vision provides system developers, software vendors, or end-users with the consulting services and solutions they need during the digital transformation process.